Store online again.

Dear customers,
Seems that the shipping scare was a false alarm. I’ve learned that when PayPal says shipping address is unconfirmed there probably is something wrong with the address.
Please ensure that your shipping address on PayPal is correct as it will cause your package to be lost for weeks.

Thanks for using our 4-digit shield.
As always we are open to suggestions for new shield ideas.


Arduino : 4digit Shield driver updated

We’ve updated the driver for our 4-digit Shield to be compatible with the latest Arduino environment release.

See out download section for : ShieldStudio 4-digit Shield Arduino library V4

We’d also like to hear from you for suggestions about future improvements to the library or the display shield hardware.

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Max6956 Samples arrived

Some samples arrived from Maxim and it is time for a new project.


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Arduino:4-digit shield store open again

Store is open again!!!

Canada Post is back to work and shipping can happen again.


Store temporarily closed

Canada Post today decided to stop their customers from doing business.

For the latest on the Canada Post lockout see this link.

For the interim I’ve stopped orders on products until I can find a comparable rate from another shipper.

If you’d like to be notified when the store opens again – hopefully soon just send us a request via the info page.

Store open again

Store is open again !!!

Seems like the postal strike is not a total strike.  They will have rolling 24h strikes which will still get mail out.

Hopefully Canada Post will soon end this so we can get back to full capacity ASAP.



Arduino and Dishwashers


Seems like there is quite a interest in controlling dishwashers with Arduino.

Here is some information for Frigidaire Models FDB421, GDB421 and MDB421 type dishwashers.

  • Cycle diagram – Here you will see in detail timing for washing dishes using this machine.
  • Wiring diagram – Schematic of all the electrical components and how they are connected.

For how to’s , code and a better description¬† head over to neonSquirt and check out his awesome project.

Arduino: X10 experiments

I started experimenting with X10 RF protocol and Arduino.  After modifying some 315MHz modules to work on the X10 RF frequency of 310 MHz I decided to just try the 315MHz modules without experimentation.

Turns out that the X10 receiver is not very selective at all and 315MHz modules work well enough – for my application anyway.

Code will be posted later.


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Arduino:4-Digit Shield sale

I wanted to do this for a while now but kept procrastinating.

Today I found a perfect event to celebrate – National Procrastination week (March 7 to 13).

For this week the ShieldStudio 4-digit shield will be on sale.


Arduino:Next project

Got some goodies for the next project from DigiKey today.

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