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Arduino : display shield

Finally the right boxes are here, and so is summer.

Using the slightly larger packaging should result in saving some shipping cost.  I know it sounds crazy but there is a package too small for cheap shipping.

The new boxes are 6x4x3 instead of 4x4x4. This should be the last straw in getting 5×7 matrix shields out to Arduino fans.

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Arduino : Led Matrix Shields ready to go

I’ve built and tested some more 4-digit 5×7 led matrix shields.  Yield so far is 100% and no rework necessary.  Bigger mailer boxes are on their way and should be here on Wednesday.  The old 4x4x4 boxes turned out to be too small for the cheaper shipping.

Instead of waiting for a proper shopping cart I’ll put a few on EBay this weekend so check it out there too.

Any ideas for a project using this shield ?

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Arduino : 5×7 shield. Last items to do.

Its been a long time since I wrote an update.  I’m back from Embedded Systems Conference in Chicago and things are returning to normal again. As for the 5×7 Arduino shields I’m just wrapping up a few last things in order to open up the store.  Finding a cheap shipping option that does not take 4 weeks was a challenge.  Canada post seems to be the cheapest by far and I’ll be using them for now.  I just need to work through the customs requirements and some administrative tasks with them first.

  • I have a few shipping methods to offer
    • Canada post small packet air seems to be least expensive -  between $7 and $15
    • Then EBAY flat rate box.   This includes tracking options – between $15 and $20
    • Fedex are faster but way too expensive for now but not out of the question – more than $20
  • Properly  marked anti-static bags are now also in house.
  • Boxes for packaging are here.  These may be too small for the cheaper shipping. Yea – this is confusing to me too.
  • Currently working on US customs requirements.  CN22 or commercial invoice now seems to be the option to go.
  • Final pricing needs to be calculated.

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Arduino 5×7 displays ready to go.

Packaging seems to be sorted out.  Boards are being tested and packed and will be shipped as soon as the store opens.

If you want to be kept up to date with when orders will be accepted then please use the contact page and send us a note.

Arduino : 5×7 shield filters

What a difference light filters make when viewing 5×7 displays.  Our 5×7 4-digit shield ships with one of these oversized filters.  You can cut them to the exact size needed by your bevel.

Shown below 4-digit shield with and without filter.

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